Xiaomi HyperOS Eligible Devices List | POCO & Redmi & Xiaomi

Xiaomi & Redmi & POCO Android 15 Eligible Devices

• Updated on 2024-06-19

This list is not the list approved by Xiaomi. This list is the closest to reality and is constantly updated.

Android 15 DP1 version was introduced in February. Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi users wondered when this new update would come to their devices and whether it was possible.

Below is the list of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones that will receive Android 15. The smartphones on this list will start receiving the Android 15 update starting in August. Of course, the first stage of the update will be flagship devices. Therefore, we can foresee the date for mid-segment devices to receive this update as January 2025.

Xiaomi Android 15 Update List is updated every day.


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Joc Ker

Why is the poco m4 pro 5g not included in the list for hyperos 2.0

5 days ago
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*cries in ruby*

2 weeks ago