First feature to come with HyperOS 2.0

March 31, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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Among the nice features that came with the HyperOS 1.0 update, the new lock screen was the most popular. Xiaomi HyperOS users were enjoying Xiaomi’s new interface using the new lock screen customization options.

As the distribution process of Xiaomi HyperOS 1.0 is slowly coming to an end, users have started to wonder what features will come with the HyperOS 2.0 update. The most desired changes by users are interface changes.

Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0 may have new animations as a new interface feature. HyperOS, which is used in the software of Xiaomi SU7, has a different animation system compared to HyperOS on mobile devices. We can expect Xiaomi to get rid of animations that have been the same for years.

We may also see more panels with blur effects with Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0.

Which feature are you looking forward to in HyperOS 2.0? If Xiaomi were reading these comments, what would you like to convey to them? You can write your thoughts in the comments.

By Emir Bardakçı

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