How to lock bootloader on HyperOS?

March 20, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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With Xiaomi’s latest policy move, HyperOS users will not receive updates if the bootloader is unlocked. Therefore, we will learn how to turn off the bootloader lock in HyperOS, one of the topics that will be of interest to Xiaomi users.

There are several reasons we can give for turning off the bootloader lock on Xiaomi HyperOS.

  • Getting OTA updates
  • Secure Android experience
  • Fix for security warnings

First of all, we need a computer to unlock the bootloader in Xiaomi HyperOS. We will both install programs on the computer and back up the data on our phone to the computer.

How to install HyperOS fastboot ROMs?

First of all, we need to install a fastboot ROM from the computer to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi HyperOS. You can follow the narrative above. While installing the fastboot ROM, we will lock the bootloader using the bootloader lock options at the bottom right.

However, as a safety issue, before locking the bootloader lock, do a clean installation by selecting clean all from the computer. If your smartphone unlocks without any problems, you can reinstall using the clean all and lock option. This way your bootloader will be unlocked.

It is important to note that after unlocking the bootloader, you will have to work hard to unlock the bootloader again. You can update using a computer with the bootloader locked.

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