How to remove FPS limit in Xiaomi HyperOS?

June 1, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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Are you tired of that annoying FPS limit on your Xiaomi HyperOS device now? Do you want butter-smooth scrolling and a hassle-free gaming experience? This guide will illustrate to you what measures you should take to get that annoying FPS limitation removed and unveil the actual performance of your device.

What You Need:

  • Root Xiaomi using MIUI/HyperOS.
  • LSPosed Installed and Active.
  • Magisk is installed.

The Steps:

Install LSPosed

This is important for loading the Cemiuiler LSPosed module. Ensure your device is rooted, and follow the installation steps for LSPosed.

Install Cemiuiler LSPosed

Configure Cemiuiler

Open the Cemiuiler application and enable the options below:

  • Allow DOWNGRADE: This enables the installation even of older app versions.
  • Disable Digest Verify: This bypasses signature verification.
  • Turn Off Compare Signatures: Disables checking the signatures of the application.
  • Advanced Mode: This offers the most aggressive protection.

Add Protection from APK Patching Module to Magisk

  • This module is of prime importance as it helps bypass the security provided by Xiaomi.
  • Download and install the module from the GitHub.

Install FPS Limit Remover Magisk Module:

This is the magic bullet!

Benefits of Removing FPS Limits:

It’s enhanced gaming with buttery-smooth frame rates for a competitive edge.

Watch YouTube and other video platforms at their highest possible frame rates without the 60Hz limit.

Important Notes

This guide is for advanced users experienced with the rooting process and Magisk modules. Just make sure you back up your phone because the process can turn out pretty risky, as it involves system file modification. Use at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any possible damage to your device.

After these steps are completed, you can enjoy the whole unlocked experience for Xiaomi HyperOS without artificial FPS limits. Just want actual device performance, smooth and more responsive experiences!

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