Redmi Note 12 4G

Android 14.0
HyperOS 1

Latest Redmi Note 12 4G HyperOS ROMs codename "tapas"

You can find and download latest Redmi Note 12 4G updates and stock ROMs using HyperOS Updates. These ROMs are official and untouched. Files are downloading from directly HyperOS servers.

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VersionRegionOS TypeAndroidFastbootFB
OS1.0.4.0.UMTMIXMGlobalHyperOS 1.014
OS1.0.3.0.UMTINXMIndia GlobalHyperOS 1.014
OS1.0.2.0.UMTTRXMTurkey GlobalHyperOS 1.014


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Bonjour, le redmi note 12 4g est un bon téléphone mais l\'arrière plan du centre de notification est toujours gris veuillez corriger ce bug merci

1 week ago
Adam ben

We, the owners of Redmi Note 12 phones, did not benefit from the HyperOS update. Please make an update that will be like other phones and so that we can benefit from the advantages of the HyperOS update.

2 weeks ago