Summer is coming: How to keep Xiaomi phone from heating up

April 4, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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Summer is coming, the scorching heat of the sun is increasing every day with global warming. Have you ever had problems with your phone getting hot and slowing down, or not being able to use the camera? It is very normal because chips need to be cooled as they heat up.

Things to do to keep Xiaomi phone from heating up

The things you need to do to keep Xiaomi phone from heating up are actually very basic. Basically, to protect your Xiaomi phone from overheating, you need to protect your processor from too much load and protect it from direct sunlight.

Protect from sunlight

Devices that absorb sunlight directly are exposed to high temperatures and not only heat up but also start to cause problems with hardware parts such as battery and screen. If you want to keep Xiaomi phone from heating up, you need to remove it directly from the heat.

Lighten processor load

If you lighten the processor load, the phone’s chips will conduct less electricity and the heat released will be reduced. You can do the following to lighten the processor load.

  • Remove or freeze unused apps
  • Don’t use heavy apps at outside
  • Don’t play games

If you also turn on battery saver, your Xiaomi phone will reduce the energy used by background apps and prevent heating.

Using the camera, maps app, Android Auto will also cause your phone to overheat.

Reduce screen brightness

Light generates heat in the area where it is emitted. If you keep your screen brightness high, the LEDs on your phone screen will start to heat up. Combined with the heat emitted by the sun, it will be really difficult to cool down.

You can try to get away from your phone by using a smartwatch, turning on auto-brightness or turning on your smartphone screen less when you are out and about.

Choose the right accessories

The materials of smartphones consist of materials that can easily dissipate heat. To keep Xiaomi phone from heating up, you should choose cases that can easily give off heat instead of cases that trap heat inside.

Also, fast charging will cause your phone to heat up very quickly. You can try slow charging.

You can use a cooler

If you don’t want to do the above things to prevent your Xiaomi smartphone from heating up, you can get fans made for smartphones. When you place it on the back of your smartphone, it will blow cold air into the case and prevent it from heating up.

Don’t suddenly put the hot phone in front of the air conditioner. When you switch from hot to cold, unexpected things may happen to the solder on the motherboard and you may not be able to use your phone again. Bu yüzden To keep Xiaomi phone from heating up, don’t make sudden transitions from hot to cold.


There are many different ways to keep your Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phone from heating up. If you follow them, you can use your phone outside more comfortably thanks by keep Xiaomi phone from heating up guide. Remember, it is quite normal for smartphones to heat up. If electricity is used, it releases heat.

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