This may be the reason why you still haven’t received the HyperOS update

March 20, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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Xiaomi has started a new work to both solve MIUI errors and increase security measures with the HyperOS update. If something on your phone is active, you cannot receive the HyperOS update.

If you are not receiving the HyperOS update on your Xiaomi phone even after days, a lock on your smartphone may be open. Xiaomi has taken such a step to prevent the HyperOS operating system from giving errors with software interventions.

New Xiaomi Policy

According to Xiaomi’s new policy, Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi smartphones with unlocked bootloader will not be able to switch from MIUI to HyperOS via OTA. If HyperOS is installed, they will not be able to receive HyperOS updates via OTA. So if your bootloader is unlocked, you may still not get the HyperOS update.

But remember, if your bootloader is unlocked and you don’t know why it is unlocked, don’t turn it off immediately. On some repaired smartphones or smartphones with a modified operating system, if you turn off the bootloader lock, your smartphone may never turn on again.

How to lock bootloader?

The steps to unlock the bootloader on your smartphone are simple. You need a computer.

You can easily turn off the bootloader lock using the How to lock bootloader on HyperOS tutorial. Do not forget to take backups on your smartphone before unlocking the bootloader.

How to lock bootloader on HyperOS?

After unlocking the bootloader, you can try to get updates. It may take up to 1 day to receive the information about the change of the bootloader lock.

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