Which new feature is HyperOS users’ favorite?

March 11, 2024Emir Bardakçı
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The main reason why HyperOS users prefer HyperOS is that Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones are affordable. However, apart from these, the most popular interface among Android interfaces has undoubtedly been MIUI for years, now known as HyperOS.

The main reason why MIUI is so preferred is that it is customizable. The fact that boring Android and other Android skins are very simple has led to the formation of a MIUI user base. With HyperOS, MIUI’s problems that have existed for years have been solved, and MIUI users’ efforts to search for another Android interface are now over.

Now that we understand why HyperOS has such a user base, we can talk about Xiaomi users’ favorite HyperOS application. Undoubtedly, the favorite feature of HyperOS users is the new lock screen. HyperOS’s new lock screen has been the feature that users have struggled with the most.

The clock options and depth feature introduced to the new lock screen system of HyperOS enabled users to enjoy personalizing the lock screen. The biggest difference between HyperOS and MIUI is this new lock screen. When you put your phone on the table, if Always On Display is turned on, it appears that you are using HyperOS, thanks to the new clocks added to the lock screen.

So, the most popular feature of HyperOS has been the lock screen. We thank Apple very much for starting this trend. If your lock screen related applications are not up to date, you can update them below.

HyperOS Themes App, HyperOS Always-On-Display App

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